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Air Conditioning Units

For air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, contact JR Refrigeration today.

Air Conditioning Units

At JR Refrigeration in Tipperary, our minimal and sleek glass washers deliver on efficiency and ease-of-use for all kinds of restaurant and pub environments.

Our bar glass washers as well as top brand Kastel glasswashers are available in all different sizes and form factors, allowing an easy and painless installation into your refrigeration system.


To learn more about our air conditioners, contact JR Refrigeration today.

Heat Pumps

Our impressive and well-tested range of heat pumps at JR Refrigeration in Tipperary are highly-recommend and are extremely effective at heating or cooling rooms.

Heat pumps are eco-friendly devices, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically compared to other heating solutions. It works by utilising the air surrounding your premises and repurposes it into interior and exterior heating.

JR Refrigeration

To learn more about installing heat pumps, contact JR Refrigeration today.

Portable Air Conditioners

At JR Refrigeration we offer a diverse and minimal range of portable air conditioners. These devices are great for restaurant and pub environments that routinely alter their seating or dining arrangements.

By purchasing a portable air conditioner, you have freedom of movement for placing units wherever you like, allowing for manual adjustment instead of needing to pay for expensive repairs or moving.


For more about our portable air conditioners, contact JR Refrigeration today.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Thanks to our reputation and years of experience, JR Refrigeration in Tipperary has accrued a stock of top-brand units such as Samsung air condtioners.

These air condtioners are feature-rich devices, allowing you to customise everything from temperature, fan speed, as well as some units offering smart-business integration and smartphone control.

These units are expertly installed by our team of engineers, and they are always on standby to answer any queries you may have about these products.

JR Refrigeration

To learn more about our range of Samsung air conditioners, contact JR Refrigeration today.

Air Conditioning Units FAQ

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  • What kinds of businesses do you serve?
    We serve restaurants, pubs, farms, supermarkets and anywhere that requires commercial refrigeration solutions.
  • Where can I find cold storage and air conditioning services near me?
    JR Refrigeration serves all businesses in County Tipperary, as well as all surrounding counties.
  • What happens if my unit breaks down?
    If your unit breaks down within 12 months, our talented team of engineers will be on stand-by to repair it and get you back up and running.
  • What happens if one of my units breaks down?
    If your unit breaks down within 12 months, we offer free repairs or a replacement unit to get you back up and running and ensure stock does not lose freshness.
  • What commercial clients have you had previously?
    After 30 years of businesses, we have served bars, restaurants, supermarkets and any other businesses that require effective cold storage units.
  • What is a kegerator?
    A kegerator is a cost-effective and small beer refrigeration unit that dispenses draft beer. It not only provides the appeal of getting beer on-tap regardless of location, but could help diversify your beer refrigeration and storage setup.
  • Can I place a beer fridge outdoors?
    At JR Refrigeration, we offer a range of beer fridges that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Their sturdy design and structure allows it to stand against the elements as well as long-term wear and tear.
  • Where can I find catering equipment near me?
    At JR Refrigeration, we supply catering equipment to Tipperary and surrounding areas for all kinds of commercial and corporate events.
  • What are the advantages of a dry bain marie?
    A dry bain marie can heat up food using a heated element rather than hot water. The advantage of this is not having to replace hot water, which allows for a smoother operation in your catering operation.
  • Will an ice maker take up a lot of space?
    At JR Refrigeration, our ice makers strike a balance between size and efficiency. Our newer models excel at providing top quality ice cubes while accommodating for smaller space requirements inside kitchens.
  • What happens if my Kastel ice maker is not working?
    If you are experiencing issues with any ice maker or built-in ice maker solution, our team of engineers are able to repair the unit on-site as well as providing advice over phone or email.
  • Do glass washers take up a lot of space?
    At JR Refrigeration, our engineers can visit your site prior to installation to determine which of our glass washers will suit you. They are available in a range of different sizes.
  • What brands of glasswashers do you recommend?
    We stock various brands, with our highest-quality products typically being the Kastel line, complete with extensive features for all kinds of glasswear.
  • What are the advantages of heat pumps?
    Heat pumps are eco-friendly when compared to other heating solutions, reusing outside air to control the temperature and flow of heat throughout your building.
  • What kind of air conditioning units are available?
    We offer standard air conditioning units, as well as portable, and wall-mounted options.
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